Gather data

In order to gather salary information for all public employees for the state of Minnesota we need to personally reach out to all 87 counties, 854 cities, and numerous other government organizations. We are trying to get the big ones, but we have a small team and limited resources. If you see that we don't have a government entitiy that you believe should be here, take action. Get in contact with them! Remember all of this data is public and this website was started on the principle that it isn't enough for information to be "public", it must be available.

We have a template email that you can use over on our GitHub Wiki as well as some more information about how this data really is public. If you do successfully get any new data sets, please send them our way so we can share them here.

Developing new features

MN pay is an open source project. If you have some technical skills and want to improve it then head over to our GitHub Repo. We have a list of improvements that we would like to make and we need volunteers to make it happen. If you have any ideas submit an issue on GitHub and send us a pull request with your solution.